Inner Harmony Wellness Center

What We Do

Inner Harmony Wellness Center is located on the beautiful island of Sint Maarten. You can also get a lot of the great features listed below and products online by clicking the button below.

Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA) Nutritional Evaluation

We use cellular resonant analysis cross-referenced with medical history, along with other metabolic testing to obtain a personalized picture of your vitamin, mineral, essential fatty acid, and amino acid requirements for optimal health. We create an individualized plan including diet, nutritional supplements, detoxification and Lifestyle modifications.

Biofeedback Quantum Healing

Biofeedback therapy recognizes that the body innately intelligent, electrical in nature, and has the ability to heal itself if the right conditions or stimuli are provided. The SCIO Biofeedback scans with 9,000 frequency signatures in locating any imbalances in your energy field, or cellular makeup leading to any physiological chronic health issues.

Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching

Here we discover how your health, emotions, relationships and career are affecting your well-being. We help you return to balance and establish new patterns.

Inner Harmony Approach Coaching is offered for individuals exploring spiritual growth and development, and for leaders in organizations looking for ways to become more conscious and transformational leaders.

Meditation Guidebooks and CDs

Click the button below to see a selection of meditation books and CDs by Peter Amato.